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Selected Endorsements

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ALL endorsements for this campaign are current 2018 endorsements.


I’ve known Andrea Macon for many years, both as a neighbor and while working with her on the Lockwood Fire Protection District Board when she was board secretary. Andrea is a keen listener and has the ability to fully consider all sides of an issue in developing effective action plans. Preserving the agricultural heritage and natural beauty of Amador County is important to her, as well as bringing economic opportunity. The board of supervisors and Amador County residents will do well to have someone of Andrea’s energy and intelligence seated on the board and helping to lead the county.

Don Dowell
Former director, Lockwood Fire Protection District, Volcano

I first met Andrea when she volunteered for the Lockwood Fire Protection District. As secretary, and then board president, she impressed me with her accomplishments. I've come to admire her greatly. She is organized, inventive, curious, a great listener, and she gets things done.

Jackie Vaughn
Former director, Lockwood Fire Protection District, Volcano

Andrea has always been a great role model and influence to me. Her care and selflessness reflects the goals I have set for myself; including prioritizing our community, giving back to those around us, and investing time into traditions, like learning to preserve foods and maintaining our small town lives. I'm excited to see a woman I have looked up for so long achieving in such a large way, and I hope to see her continue as one of my representatives.

Sydney Julien

I wholeheartedly endorse Andrea Macon, running for supervisor in District 5. Andrea comes to our county with a professional background, a passion for the area in which we live, and is willing to take our leadership into a new direction.

Adam Gottstein
Retired publisher and musician, Volcano

Andrea Macon is committed to the welfare and prosperity of the people in Amador County and her district. She has the experience and has displayed the perseverance that will be required for the will of the people to be done. Local government is where the voter has the most representation, and where their voice can be heard. Andrea will listen to her constituents. She is the right person for this job!

Scott Berrian
Volcano Telecommunications tech and musician, Jackson


Andrea is my choice for District 5 because she is smart, level-headed, and has the experience and desire to help our community thrive. I hope you will join me and cast your vote for her.

Eric Jones
Fire Captain, Volcano

It is with great enthusiasm that I, a 23 year resident of Amador County and a local small technology business founder/owner, endorse Andrea Macon. This is a time for adaptation to a changing world, as well as a time to preserve the rural, cultural, family-centric and agricultural values that have drawn most of us to make our homes here. In a time such as this, the best leadership our county can have is that of individuals whose values and experience match this diversity of demands. Andrea is such a person. I urge all voters to take a close look at Andrea’s statement on the issues facing Amador County; you will find they combine a love of our community, a realistic view of the challenges we face and a viable plan for the future.

Jon Baldwin
MetroSage LLC, Volcano








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