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Selected Endorsements

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ALL endorsements for this campaign are current 2018 endorsements.

Please endorse Andrea!


I endorse Andrea Macon for numerous reasons. First, we must find a public servant inclined to protect the natural rights of citizens, provide for their betterment, and not any other interests. Second, a public officer must treat each and every citizen as valuable and unique. Third, this person must understand that agreement is not required when hearing and speaking opinions. In conclusion, the supervisor of the 5th District in Amador County must:

  • Only consider the interests and benefits of the represented individual, 5th District, Amador County, California, and America.
  • Be a person who can listen for information to make the best-informed decisions to benefit all Amador citizens, and
  • Possess the aptitude and focus to solve problems.

The citizens should demand at least these characteristics in our representation. I am endorsing Andrea Macon because she has qualities necessary to be a people's representative of the 5th District of Amador County.

Laura Allred


It is with great enthusiasm that I, a 23 year resident of Amador County and a local small technology business founder/owner, endorse Andrea Macon. This is a time for adaptation to a changing world, as well as a time to preserve the rural, cultural, family-centric and agricultural values that have drawn most of us to make our homes here. In a time such as this, the best leadership our county can have is that of individuals whose values and experience match this diversity of demands. Andrea is such a person. I urge all voters to take a close look at Andrea’s statement on the issues facing Amador County; you will find they combine a love of our community, a realistic view of the challenges we face and a viable plan for the future.

Jon Baldwin
MetroSage LLC, Volcano


I have known Andrea for almost 20 years. She is an excellent candidate to further improve our county’s fire safety and quick response capabilities. Andrea also has a vision for developing career opportunities for our youth by working with community groups to provide vocational and technical education which would give  them skills to find good, productive jobs locally, allowing them to stay in Amador County while boosting  the  county’s economy. If elected, Andrea will be committed to responsive and accountable county government. She is a very intelligent, creative, and capable person who will truly listen to the concerns of her constituents and serve them well.

Marilyn Baldwin
Past President of Lockwood Fire Protection District Board of Directors, Volcano


Sheila Berg, Pine Grove

Cathleen Berglund, Amador City

Magnus Berglund, Amador City


Andrea Macon is committed to the welfare and prosperity of the people in Amador County and her district. She has the experience and has displayed the perseverance that will be required for the will of the people to be done. Local government is where the voter has the most representation, and where their voice can be heard. Andrea will listen to her constituents. She is the right person for this job!

Scott Berrian
Volcano Telecommunications tech and musician, Jackson


Sharon Bertolucci, Volcano


 I've known Andrea for many years; I know her integrity, intelligence and commitment to our community. Andrea will represent everyone in Amador District 5, she will listen and do what she can to enact positive changes to our county that represent what we the people want to see.

Lola Blevins
Marriage and Family Therapist, MACP, LMFT, Volcano


Steven Bonner, Volcano


Andrea's views and beliefs are what Amador needs. Out with the old, in with the new!

Charles Bowen


Carla Bowers, Volcano

Debra Brown, Pine Grove

Rebecca Brown, Pioneer

Janet Caccia, Pine Grove

Caryl Callsen, Pioneer


I’m voting for Andrea because of her background as a skilled leader, and because we need more women leaders in our county.

Dixie Camardo
Sutter Creek


Cynthia Cass, Sutter Creek

Joann Chevrette, Plymouth

Steven Christensen, Sutter Creek

Jan Clute, Jackson


It's time for a change! Andrea would be a wonderful improvement over what's there now. We need civility and respect for all the citizens of Amador County and someone who helps bring people together. It's time.

Nora Coryell
Teacher – Adults, Spanish and ESL, Jackson


Deborah Cowan, Plymouth


The Board of Supervisors doesn't need a face lift, they need a heart transplant.

Gene Cox


Andrea is a passionate Amador resident who cares deeply for this county and the people who live here.

Carol Crofts
Sutter Creek


I encourage residents of District 5 to meet Andrea Macon and find for yourself a level-headed, practical person who is not obsessed with an extreme ideology and bias. Her non-judgmental personality will greet all who come to the board meetings in a gracious way while working for solutions through consensus building.

Daniel D’Agostini, Retired Teacher, Photographer and Certified Organic and Biodynamic Farmer, Plymouth


Candace Diamond, Pine Grove

Trevor Dildine, Sutter Creek

Marilynn Dillon, Sutter Creek

Jeff Dillon, Sutter Creek


I’ve known Andrea Macon for many years, both as a neighbor and while working with her on the Lockwood Fire Protection District Board when she was board secretary. Andrea is a keen listener and has the ability to fully consider all sides of an issue in developing effective action plans. Preserving the agricultural heritage and natural beauty of Amador County is important to her, as well as bringing economic opportunity. The board of supervisors and Amador County residents will do well to have someone of Andrea’s energy and intelligence seated on the board and helping to lead the county.

Don Dowell
Former director, Lockwood Fire Protection District, Volcano


Kathleen DuBois, Jackson

Carol Eichman, Jackson

Don Eichman, Jackson

John Ellyson, Jackson

Nancy Endy, River Pines


I have known Andrea in a professional capacity for over a decade and learned that she epitomizes the humble objectivity that lawyers and judges try to attain. She is one of those rare persons who is well-organized in her thoughts and views, but not tied to her views to the point of rejecting logical reasoning from others with differing perspectives. In my view, her intellect and ability to view issues honestly and objectively are her outstanding traits which make her perfectly suited for public office – especially one which involves the setting of public policy. While Andrea and I are not aligned in political ideology (I live and work in Orange County, a conservative stronghold in California) she is someone that I full-heartedly endorse, simply because she has the intellectual ability and moral honestly to put partisanship aside and work to achieve the best interests of her constituency. I have no doubt that Amador County will become a better place under the stewardship of Andrea Macon. 
Dan Escamilla
Santa Ana


I have been an observer of local politics in Amador County for over a quarter century. Occasionally it works, but often decisions seem to be made based on blatant favoritism. Decisions affecting our economic future and long-term land use patterns are made inconsistently, on an ad hoc basis, depending on who will benefit. Andrea brings critical business expertise, fresh energy, and a sense of fairness to the job. The kind of open, participatory government we will experience under her leadership is long overdue.

Mara Feeney
Co-founder, DAMAS Vineyards


Daniel Fields, Fiddletown

Sherry Fields, Fiddletown

Patsy Fine, Volcano


Amador County needs Andrea Macon, and I proudly endorse her candidacy for Amador County Supervisor. I have known Andrea both personally and professionally for more than 15 years. She is often the first to roll up her sleeves and get to work on every task, never afraid to tackle complex projects and issues. She puts people before politics, and makes sound decisions based on her research. I believe Andrea will be a Supervisor the residents of District 5 will be proud to have as their representative.

Chris Floyd

Kory Gibbs, Pine Grove

Michael Gibbs, Pine Grove


Andrea comes to our county with a professional background, a passion for the area in which we live, and is willing to take our leadership into a new direction.

Adam Gottstein
Retired publisher and musician, Volcano


Dan Gottstein, Volcano

Deborah Grady, Fiddletown

Brian Gray, Pioneer

Pamela Greene, Sutter Creek

Michelle Grondin, Fiddletown

Charles Hagyard, Volcano

Colleen Hagyard, Volcano

JoAnne Hall, Sacramento

Nancy Hardy, Sutter Creek

Robert Hartmann, Pine Grove

Kate Hege, Amador City

Mike Hewitt, Jackson

Sharon Hewitt, Jackson


I met Andrea when I first moved into the county in 2002. Our kids grew up together from Kindergarten to High School graduation. Over the years we have worked together many times on projects. She's intelligent, organized, thoughtful when speaking and gets things done.

Andrea Hinton


Bronwyn Hogan, Jackson

Robin Ivanoff, Volcano

Lori Jagoda, Pine Grove

Brian Jobson, Sutter Creek

Adam Jones, River Pines


Andrea is my choice for District 5 because she is smart, level-headed, and has the experience and desire to help our community thrive. I hope you will join me and cast your vote for her.

Eric Jones
Fire Captain, Volcano


Maxwell Jones, Volcano


Andrea has always been a great role model and influence to me. Her care and selflessness reflect the goals I have set for myself; including prioritizing our community, giving back to those around us, and investing time into traditions, like learning to preserve foods and maintaining our small town lives. I'm excited to see a woman I have looked up for so long achieving in such a large way, and I hope to see her continue as one of my representatives.

Sydney Julien



I grew up in District 5, and for the last 30 years I have raised my son and run two businesses here.  We need local leaders who appreciate our small rural communities and can help develop policies and programs that will benefit all residents. Andrea Macon will provide that leadership as our supervisor and I hope to see her elected.

Alice Kaiser
President, Fiddletown Preservation Society and Board Member, Motherlode Harvest, Fiddletown


Lee King, River Pines

Marlis King, River Pines

Gretchen Kingsbury, Sutter Creek


Andrea is a long-time resident and supporter of the citizens of District 5, raising her family here. She is a strong proponent of public safety, the volunteer fire service, and living fire-safe in our beautiful forests.

Cathy Koos Breazeal
Retired Executive Director Amador Fire Safe Council and Fire Service volunteer, Volcano



I am proud to endorse Andrea Macon for Supervisor of District 5 in Amador County. I met Andrea in late September 2015 while Laughton Ranch was running a rescue operation for animals during the Butte Fire. She was one of the first people to show up. She asked what was needed and how she could help. "How are you getting word out about what supplies and equipment you need?" she asked. It was word of mouth at that point, I told her. She said she would be back shortly and left.

A half hour later, she arranged to have two large easels and whiteboards loaned to us from her office and supplied new erasable markers to write down our daily needs. We used those two white boards every day at the bottom of the driveway, for the duration of the Butte Fire, so when people drove up to see what was needed, or what they could do, it was right there on the boards. Andrea doing that freed up two people who were solely talking to all the individuals who showed up to ask what was needed -- at that time there were probably 50 people stopping by each day.  Later that week, she made and delivered 40 or so lunches to help feed the volunteers.

At the same time, we had no internet capability at our shop, which was turned into what we called the "war room" to dispatch trucks and trailers to locations where they could rescue animals. Andrea immediately called her friend, who came right over and ran a line between the ranch house and the shop, and within an hour, we had three folks on computers set up dispatching people as the calls started rolling in. It was not the final internet connection that was set up, but it was the first and quickest way to get up and running.

Quick, smart, decisive thinking is what Andrea showed us that day. That is what is needed on the board of supervisors now as well. It’s time for change.

  • The current supervisor for District 5 originally voted for the disastrous Health and Human Services Building re-negotiated lease. This will cost the taxpayers, by Brian's own admission, over 7 million dollars between 2022 and 2027, which is the cost of the extra 5 years of rent on a lease that the board could have gotten out of in 2015. Instead they renegotiated the lease and took out the early termination clause for a one time, paltry, 400 thousand dollars payment. What were they thinking? Seven million dollars is about 7 3/4% of the county's currently proposed budget of 90 million.

  • The current supervisor for District 5 has recused himself more times than I can count. Andrea will not have to recuse herself on any Indian casino matters, and one casino has already broken ground in Buena Vista, which will involve many talks with the Board. The Plymouth casino may also become a reality, and if it does, we need Andrea on the board with other supervisors to help negotiate the ISA and many other agreements with the tribes. Supervisor Oneto cannot be involved with any discussions on either casino, due to conflict of interest, because of owning properties in close proximity to both casinos.

  • Supervisor Oneto even questioned whether the term "squaw" was actually offensive when the Washoe Tribe asked for the name of Squaw Ridge to be changed to Hungaleti Ridge. (Amador Ledger-Dispatch November 22, 2017) The speaker for the Washoe tribe said the tribe asked for the change because they believed the term was derogatory and demeaning to the women of their tribe.

  • Supervisor Oneto and other supervisors who are no longer in office ridiculed not one, but two grand juries who reported findings that he and other supervisors didn't like regarding their activities while in office. These were just ordinary folks like you and me, working on grand juries with no axes to grind…  then to be treated poorly by Oneto and others on the board was not right.

If you live in District 5, you need a supervisor who doesn't recuse themselves every other meeting, and treats the taxpayers with respect. Someone who works for everyone, not just the connected few. That person is Andrea Macon, and I encourage you to use your vote wisely, and vote for Andrea Macon! Thank you.

Jim Laughton
Laughton Ranch, Jackson


Joyce Law, Volcano

Judith Lerner-Liston, Sutter Creek

Lisa Lucke, Jackson

Ericka Lutz, Volcano

Elida Malick-Mayronne, Fiddletown

Doreen Meyer, Pioneer


Andrea and I have had a business relationship and friendship for many years. What a wonderful person to be seeking election! She has such a wide diversity of talents and interests, all of which fit with the needs and future of Amador County. With Andrea's passion for nature and especially for the land and needs of the local neighbors in Amador County, she will do this job exceedingly well.

Lori Milas


Stephanie Moreno, Plymouth

Michelle Morris, Volcano

Jeremy Newlun, Jackson

John Newlun, Jackson

Sylvia Newlun, Jackson


As an Amador County resident for over four decades, I am proud to endorse Andrea Macon for our next District 5 Supervisor. In my 35 years as a teacher in Amador County and as a parent raising our children here, I have watched our county struggle to provide necessary services for our residents. Our county is a unique and wonderful collection of generous and kind people united in the commitment to our rural lifestyle. Andrea Macon has the skills and commitment to represent ALL her constituents in this non-partisan position. Our Board of Supervisors would become a more efficient and effective organization with her addition to it. I am convinced she would serve us effectively, honestly and with integrity. She has earned not only my vote, but my respect and trust as well. Amador County deserves the best.

Mary O’Neal, Retired Educator, Shenandoah Valley


Lyla Osmundsen, Sutter Creek

Deborah Owen, Long Beach

Erin Porter, Volcano

Jim Powell, Pine Grove

Michele Powell, Pine Grove

William Price, Pine Grove

Belva Pummer, Volcano

Herbert Pummer, Volcano


I lived in the Shenandoah Valley from 1986 to 2014, owning and operating Amador Foothill Winery with my husband. Although we sold our business and moved to Jackson, we still have deep roots and many friends in the Valley. One great thing about living there was that everyone, no matter their political views, got along. Most people treated their neighbors with respect, even as they disagreed passionately about their beliefs. Having met and talked with Andrea Macon several times, it is clear to me that she is the person to bring that kind of respect and judgement to the Board of Supervisors while representing the 5th District.

Katie Quinn


Kathleen Rae, Jackson

Gary Reinoehl, Pioneer

Susan Ross, Sutter Creek


We are way overdue for a change in representation of District 5. Andrea has the education, experience, enthusiasm and new ideas to take this county forward. Leave the past behind and get ready for an exciting future with Andrea!

Don Rosson
Pine Grove


William Schwanki, Fiddletown

Pamela Sharp, Plymouth

Nancy Slenger, Amador City

Michele Smith, Jackson

Sophie Starostina, Pine Grove

Gwen Starrett, Plymouth

Denver Strauss, Fiddletown

Margie Strauss, Fiddletown


I wholeheartedly endorse Andrea Macon for District 5 Supervisor. She has lived here for decades, raised her kids in Volcano, and has relevant business experience that will serve District 5 and the County well. She has been deeply involved in the community … volunteering in schools and performing critical work for one of our local fire districts. She is conducting a nonpartisan campaign and is committed to representing all constituents regardless of political party, economic status or social position. I am someone who has been active in Amador County for many years, and I believe that Andrea Macon will effectively and equitably represent the interests of District 5. 

Mary Thorpe
Retired Educational Consultant and active Grandma,


Charles Tinney, Volcano

Colleen Tinney, Volcano

Ursula Tocher, Fiddletown


District 5 is one of the most diverse districts in our county: from Shenandoah Valley down Highway 16 to rural Sutter Creek and Pine Grove. Definitely not a One-Solution-Fits-All kind of area. We need a supervisor who can relate to all parts of the district - newcomers, families who have been here for generations and people like me, who have only been here 40 years. I believe that Andrea Macon has the desire and ability to serve all of District 5. She will bring a wealth of experience to the job. She has had broad life experiences and has chosen to live in Amador County for the past 20+ years. I look forward to having Andrea represent me on our county board of supervisors.

Sally Trestrail
Sutter Creek


Elizabeth Tumbas, Plymouth

Stephen Tumbas, Plymouth

Amy Turner, Amador City

Ethan Turner, Amador City

Bruce Tyson, Pine Grove

Perley Tyson, Pine Grove

Vincent Valadez, Sutter Creek

Gary Vaughn, Volcano


I first met Andrea when she volunteered for the Lockwood Fire Protection District. As secretary, and then board president, she impressed me with her accomplishments. I've come to admire her greatly. She is organized, inventive, curious, a great listener, and she gets things done.

Jackie Vaughn
Former director, Lockwood Fire Protection District, Volcano


Katherine Venturelli, Fiddletown

Grant Vogel, Plymouth

Haley Walker, River Pines

John Walser, Sutter Creek

Mary Walser, Sutter Creek


I have lived, worked and raised a family in Amador County since 1988. During those 30 years I have been actively involved in many aspects of the community. I have taken the time to get to know Andrea Macon and hear her ideas for District 5 and why she wants to be Supervisor. She listens to all citizens with an ear to the voices of younger people who have ideas that do not follow what’s been done for generations but what is possible for future generations. Andrea honors civility and differences of opinions in all interactions. She offers a refreshing perspective on economic development opportunities and priorities for Amador County. I am very impressed with Andrea Macon, and wholeheartedly support her candidacy as my District 5 Supervisor.

Mel Welsh, RN, BSN, PHN
Pine Grove


Michelle Young, Plymouth

Elaine Zorbas, Fiddletown










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